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Dancing Women

Married Woman Therapy

Married Woman Therapy helps married women and women considering marriage to clear physical signs of stress so they can lift their spirits & reduce pain. We create holistic treatment plans to relieve stress, promote relaxation, increase focus, gain clarity, diminish inflammation, and aid in pain reduction throughout the body.

Every session in Married Woman Therapy is individualized to her specific needs moving beyond talk therapy and into movement through Pilates exercises, mindfulness meditation, journaling, and aromatherapy. Each wife or future wife is guided through a healthy and personal whole body and mind inclusive experience.

Book a free 30 minute call below to learn more. 

Physical healing happens once emotional healing begins.


Essential Oil Blending

Aromatherapy, or blending with essential oils involve customizing topical and inhalation essential oil products specific to your need not generalized needs. It is plant based therapy using pure essential oils to connect emotions, lift the spirit, release stress from aggravating pain, and energy levels through the use of essential oils.

Essential oil blends include diffuser blends, inhalers, body butters and creams,salves, bath products, sprays​ for a range of situations including skincare, mental health, focus, meditation, fatigue, anxiety, stress, and more.

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