Owner of Pilates and Aromatherapy Company


"Do More of What Make You Happy"

That statement is a plaque that sits on my desk in my Pilates room. It's a daily reminder to me to stay true to who I am and to not necessarily focus on what I can do, but what I want to do. That has taken some time to really narrow down because there's a lot I can do and trained to do, what others told me I should do, but all of that hasn't always aligned with what felt right in my soul. One thing I will always give into is being a lightworker because that is me, that feels right. My passion, my purpose, and the gift I share with others is to help them gain complete control of their body, heart, and mind.

I am a NAHA Level 2 Certified Aromatherapist. I also am certified  as a Advanced Mat Pilates Teacher, AFFA Group Fitness Instructor, and Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher. In addition, I hold several group fitness instructor certifications. 

I obtained a B.S. degree in Communication Studies, and M.S. degree in Publications Design. I am currently pursuing my Doctoral degree in  Performance Psychology.

My desire is to offer ongoing holistic wellness retreats emphasizing that physical healing happens once emotional healing begins.

🧡, Tanesha Manigo-Brown


I am available for speaking engagements, group workshops and classes (Meditation, Pilates, Group Fitness and Aromatherapy DIY). Inquire about pricing by sending an email to pilatesandaroma@gmail.com