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Married Woman Therapy

Married Woman Therapy helps married women and women considering marriage to clear physical signs of stress so they can lift their spirits & reduce pain.


As a married woman we are putting our best efforts into maintaining healthy relations with our spouse, navigating boundaries with family and friends, working at demanding jobs, and many are also alternating duties as wife and mother, all the while trying to curate a true sense of self. 


There is a lot we are not told about being a wife prior to getting married. It is possible that those who were married before us forgot to tell us, didn’t want to tell us, or realized that every bride’s situation is different and how we navigate it will vary. The fact is married women have a lot in common. 


We wear many hats and the pressure to do it all can show up in the body as aches, pains, stress, spasms, tension, migraines, anxiety, mental breakdowns, stress, and fatigue. Married women have unique needs that are understood by other married women.


Married Woman Therapy creates holistic treatment plans to relieve stress, promote relaxation, increase focus, gain clarity, diminish inflammation, and aid in pain reduction throughout the body.


Every plan is individualized to her needs and includes sessions in movement through Pilates exercises, mindfulness meditation, journaling, and aromatherapy.


Experience is not necessary for any of the modalities, as Married Woman Therapy meets each wife or future wife right where she is and guides her through a healthy and personal whole body and mind inclusive experience.


Individualized Sessions include:

Gentle stretching

Guided meditation

Mindful Pilates movement

Personalized aromatherapy product creation 

Curated treatment plans


  • Mindful movement and meditation are weaved into each session. Aromatic flow with custom essential oil blends are suggested and formulated based on customer needs. 

  • Focus on your mental and physical health

  • Each session is curated to your need of releasing those internal things that are holding you back from connecting to your mind, body, or your soul.

  • Reconnect with the quiet internal voice that is necessary to guide you toward a life of joy and fulfillment.


A free 30 minute consultation gets you started.

Let’s Work Together

Get in touch so we can start working together. Schedule your free 30 minute session today!

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