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Essential Oil Therapy-$100

Aromatherapy also known as Essential Oil Therapy works holistically to ease stress in the body, on the mind, and on emotions through our senses of smell and of touch.

Any time we feel out of sorts, Essential Oil Therapy, though not a cure, offers support to the healing, balance, and overall well-being of the body, mind, and soul.

When our emotions are aligned, physical challenges can be addressed with more accuracy and Pilates Therapy can begin.

Prevention is better than a cure, and many of our ailments are preventable by consciously working with the system of self-care (Adapted from Margarita Alcantara, author of Chakra Healing).

The following is included in each session:

  • *Online access

  • *In-depth discussion of your concerns, wants and needs

  • *Product selection for topical application, diffusing, or inhalation

  • *Customized essential oil formulated blends for your needs & concerns

  • *Sample scents prior to final product

  • *$25 from consultation fee is applied to final product creation

  • *Future service discount

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