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Aromatic Oil

Essential Oil Blending

Aromatherapy is plant based therapy that works to connect emotions, lift the spirit, release stress from aggravating pain, and energy levels through the use of essential oils.


Sometimes life knocks us down and we need something to pick us back up without the threatening side effects often associated with traditional treatments. Essential oils can compliment healing straight from the earth. 


The goal of essential oil blending is to shift what is happening in the body and the mind,in turn making an enormous difference to your health.


Aromatherapy blending involves customizing topical and inhalation product blends specific to your current situation as one size does not fit all when it comes to essential oil blending.


Blending is for your individualized needs, not generalized needs. 

Essential oil blends include:

Diffuser Blends


Body butters and creams


Bath products




  • Complete a confidential product blending intake form for an understanding of your health history.

  • Receive 1-2 samples of formulated product (shipping cost applies)

  • Product creation (prices vary per product)

Let’s Start Blending

Get in touch so we can start working together. Fill out the information below then the Aromatherapy Blending Form will appear. Send completed forms to

Click here to download Aromatherapy Intake Form

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