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Out with the old, in with the new

I recently turned 40 and I vow to keep a promise to myself that I will have a new body. I’ve always exercised, yet with working a job that included weekly hotel stays and eating out, and having children weight loss wasn’t manageable or consistent. My husband and I decided after our second child that we were good. I birthed a boy and a girl, nothing left to prove! It was now my time to claim a healthy weight and continue to pursue my passion of Pilates.

I stopped traveling for work about a year after my son was born. Fifteen weeks pregnant with my daughter I attended my Pilates certification classes. Once she was born I was moving into a healthier lifestyle. I did okay. With practicing as well as teaching Pilates the weight was coming off slow but consistently. I was seeing results. I knew I needed to step up my cardio game if I wanted to get more weight moving quicker and reach my target weight.

Here enters PIIT28 and it was exactly what I needed. It’s a blend of my favorite thing, Pilates and my least favorite thing interval training. I hope no one was expecting this story to be all sunshine and rainbows. I am a firm believer in picking a routine that you enjoy so that you’ll stick with it, and note that occasional challenges are also important to take. I kept seeing people post their before and after PIIT28 photos on Instagram. Some from people I knew so it wasn’t a hoax.

November 28, 2016 I completed my first PIIT28 workout and it was brutal, in a good way. I was sweating, which I hate. My husband loves workouts where he drips with sweat. Me, I like to do just enough that I glisten. Well, this thing had me full throttle but I felt really good afterward.

Part of the challenge was to take a day 1 photo. I was excited to do so, (you see me cheesin’), because after seeing everyone’s results I was expecting to see drastic changes. Going through it daily I did begin to see shifts in my body. Clothes fit differently. My pre-pregnancy shoes fit again, but it wasn’t until I put my before and after side by side that even I was like, “Dang!” So what you see in the photos are two months of PITT28, Pilates and Pop Pilates practice and teaching. I also ate differently. My husband and I followed PIIT28 Reset for a month focusing on healthy grains, vegetables, fruit and some meat. I personally cut back on eating a lot of meat because my body just doesn’t process it well.

Anyway, I’m still not done. Before the end of this year, I’m looking for more pounds to be shed as well as a consistent meditation practice. When you feel good about what you are doing, it’s a great journey to be on.

Follow my link to PIIT28 and PIIT28 Reset, if you are interested in learning more about it.

(Picture on the left taken November 28, 2016. Picture on the right taken January 29, 2017)

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