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HELLO 2018!

Every year millions of social media posts are shared about what we will do differently in the upcoming year. This past month I’ve seen posts consisting of take a screenshot of what will manifest for you in 2018, and others of, this is how the year will end for you. One in particular that connected with me was posted by an Instagram friend. She shared a word and that word she said was going to carry her through 2018. Her word was fierceness. I decided that I too would have a word.

Now my word may be not say much to some, but it speaks volumes to me. I’ve lived the majority of my life jumping from one idea to the other. Well, I’m a spontaneous individual (said with much sass as I peer over my shoulder). I don’t like to stay with one thing for too long or it gets booooorrrriing!! Thus, through the years I ‘ve accumulated many unfinished crochet projects, massive amounts of unread magazines (please don’t talk to my husband about this, lol…no I’m not a hoarder…just free subscriptions and I got in way over my head), and things that I’ll never get to because, simply put, I forgot about them. I’m already on to the next thing.

That’s why I’ve chosen SIMPLIFY as my word. With everything! I want my morning routine to be simple, my workout schedule to be simple, allowing open slots of time to add in fresh things, like a daily meditation session and actually finishing a project. I found that the more I leave undone the bigger the to-do pile grows, the more stuff I have, yet the less accomplished I feel. If I can simplify my life, things get done and out of my way, then I can comfortably insert the spontaneity.

Another part that I’m excited about happening with my new simplified life is that I will be more aware of when something just isn’t working for me. I think I know that now, but I let procrastination tell me that I can just close the office door and deal with it another day. For instance, the unfinished crochet projects I mentioned, well some of them I knew then that I wasn’t coming back to complete because the pattern became tedious (i.e. I was bored), others because I didn’t like it once I started. I now have yarn wrapped around needles, little squares here and there that when put together I’ll have…something. Yes, some I don’t even remember what I was attempting to make! Maybe I was going to come back unravel and start again, I don’t even know. That stops now. Simplifying my 2018, means when I start something, and any of the above applies, I will simply say this isn’t working and toss it away. That project has ended.

Stay connected for updates of my SIMPLIFY 2018 journey. What is your word for 2018?

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