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Dear January, You Satisfied Me!

Maybe it’s me but January 2018 felt very long. How could 31 days feel like 428 days, goodness? Maybe it was because of my commitment to myself to focus more on what I wanted and at times I wanted to rebel against it (read as I’m a mom, I’m tired and there’s always tomorrow after coffee or wine or a cocktail).

I will add, though, that when I chose Simplify as my word for 2018 I did not anticipate how good it would immediately make me feel actually. Instantaneously I felt freer, my mind was less congested and I felt empowered to let go of everything that was suffocating my daily process. The more I focused, the less clutter absorbed my house, which is still a work in progress because with two children and a husband anyone can guess we accumulate a lot of stuff.

I’m accomplishing more of my daily to-dos than ever before. I even added responsibilities, yet still found points in the day where I’m asking myself what else can I get done? Crazy to think that I’m doing more with the same amount of hours in the day!

My youngest is taking a more consistent daily nap and I started meditation with my 4 year old to make his school day calmer. I also have my own daily practice now.

My house is cleaner thanks to Apartment Therapy’s January Cure, a month of non-complicated assignments to take back control of your house. They had me at “Do you want your home to be happier, healthier and more organized in 2018?” Uh yes! Maybe that’s why the month felt so long, just jokes. This month there’s no slowing down, there’s still more to do! Okay, February let’s go!

Has anything changed for you so far this year? Tell me!

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