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Crunchster's, My New Fav Snack!

Unhealthy snack cravings be gone!!! These new snacks called Crunchster's are GOOD!! It's a light, healthy and delicious snack made from mung beans no less. No empty calorie portions, but 7 grams of plant protein and 5 grams of prebiotic fiber. The flavors are Sea Salt (perfect if you like plain chips), Beyond Bacon (a must if you like smoked or bbq style flavors), and Smokey Balsalmic (for all the salt/vinegar lovers). They are all good yet taste distinctly different. My husband and I were snacking on them while watching a movie last night. Who needs popcorn?

Such a tasty product that has the indulgent craveability of a salty snack yet provides the nutritional benefits of a sprouted plant superfood (all Crunchster's words, not mine) I like that summary, and seriously if you crave salty snacks or addicted to the 'not so good TO you' versions of potato chips I think you will love these. Find them all at Crunchster's.

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