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3 Steps to Self-Compassion and Stress Relief

Step 1: Self-Compassion Break

Any time you experience a situation that is difficult and causes you stress, call it to mind. Draw awareness to the sensation it is causing in

your body…

Then to yourself:

Say: “I am experiencing a moment of suffering. This is “stress.” (or name whatever it is you’re noticing—pain, trauma, hurt, embarrassment, etc.)

Say: “This will pass.” (or say “I’m not alone”, “We all struggle at times”, “This is a part of life”, or something else that resonates with you.)

Do: Put your hands over your heart or wrap your arms around yourself (feel the warmth and gentle touch)

Say: “May I be kind to myself” (other statements: “May I give myself the compassion I need”, “May I learn to accept myself as I am”, “May I be strong”, “May I forgive myself”, “May I be patient”, or create your own statement.)

Repeat the three statements for up to 5 minutes at a time. Complete daily, or as needed!

Step 2: Round Back Stretch for Stress Relief

Stress shows up in your body in a variety of ways. When you feel threatened, your nervous system responds by releasing a flood of stress hormones, which rouse the body for emergency action. Your heart may pounds faster, your muscles may tighten, your blood pressure may rise, your breathing may speed up, and/or your senses may become sharper.

As is relates to muscles tightening, one of the most common areas for tightness extends from the shoulders and down the spine. It's the tension of these muscles that may cause you to experience pain there.

Click the link to watch "The Rollback Stretch. An effect Pilates stretch to relieve stress by promoting articulation on the spine and flexibility of the posterior, or backside of the body.

Click here to watch The Rollback Stretch

Step 3: Make a Vow

How can showing yourself more compassion or support help you live in the moment? When you establish a process and repeat it, it then becomes a part of you.

So, in your own words, write out a promise to yourself that describes how you will respond to stress triggers to increase self compassion and begin receiving more of you want from life.

I make this promise to myself that I will ___________________________________________.

Keep this vow somewhere you can view it often.

Putting It All Together and What's Next?

How do you take the first step when you’re overwhelmed, overworked and you can’t seem to get any relief? You just do!

If you want something different for yourself, you want to feel different, or be different you must do things differently.

Think about what you can accomplish with more time, more energy, more awareness.

You can’t truly be good to anyone else if you’re not good to yourself first.

If you are looking for even more steps to replenish yourself and increase your energy for the things and people you love, I encourage you to send me a note so we can get you back to feeling like you again.

🧡, Tanesha

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