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What is Pilates?

I’ve been practicing and teaching Pilates for quite some time that I forget that there’s people on my social media feed who have no idea what Pilates is.

In the last week alone, a few people have asked me almost the same thing. Are Pilates and Yoga the same? If you can’t remember anything else about the following answer simply remember this…NO! LOL! 😛

Pilates is movement of the body in ways to rid the body of physical trauma, like pain and inflammation as well as give the mind relief from stress. It's a movement principle that mimics how we naturally move when walking, tying a shoe, or bending over for instance.

Pilates trains the mind and body to use itself more effectively to increase flexibility, balance, agility, and strength while reducing body fatigue and injury.

When Pilates is taught effectively, you’ll go deep within your body and relieve pressure from deep muscles. I’m talking about working your transverse abdominis muscle for a flatter belly, or your gluteus minimus for a toned booty.

It's challenging but appropriate for most bodies because Pilates helps you do everything better and simply because it modifiable to meet the needs of each person. We all know there’s a lot of things happening inside of the mind and body. Pilates trains the mind and body to use itself more efficiently and move functionally. You’ll be able do everything better?

If you can think of it, Pilates will help you do it better.

What can you think of? I’ll tell you how Pilates can help.

Pilates is for everybody and every “body” (meaning body type)

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