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What Would I Do Without My Essential Oils?

Years ago, when I was in my late teens maybe early twenties, I used to get the worst menstrual cramps. I tried all sorts of over-the-counter medicines toting pain relief, cramp relief, extra strength relief to no avail. Except one. Advil, I don’t remember what strength it was, but it was the only thing that would help me get rid of painful cramping.

So eventually of course, I reached for it first for all my pains like headaches, or the time I dropped something on my foot, or when my college friend accidentally sat on my hand with her knee, or when I slid across a dry floor barefoot and hurt my hip. All true stories, and yes, if you can’t tell from that rhetoric, I am accident prone to the max. My go-to pill didn’t work though, and it eventually stopped working on my cramps. Thank the Lord, cramping dwindled to the level of nothingness as the years progressed, but for the occasionally “knock on wood” accidents and headaches I had nothing.

There was a time when my health insurance was subpar and with every visit, I was slapped with a larger than life co-pay and a prescription for something I could have just when to the store to get, oh wait it was 800 mg. Side story, I had a procedure done and was sent home with some very strong meds that I was excited about because everyone I knew said that it knocked them out. I desperately needed an extra-long nap from a heavy workload. IT DIDN’T WORK FOR ME! I felt jipped, swindled, duped!

At some point I settled for often inconvenient methods of cold or hot packs, feet up rest, sleeping it off, or at times nothing at all. What was the point of taking something when I didn’t get great relief, or it often was an awfully slow process?

But do you know what? I began to like that these medicines didn’t work for me. Just think off all the side effects they ramble off on those commercials. I’m now on the self-prescribed “absolute need” medication list and the rest nature will have to figure out. This is not to convince anyone reading this to ditch your medications especially if you need them, have no interest in changing habits, or it’s just not what you need to heal. I just found for me the over-the-counter stuff was a waste of money and time and I’m reserving the need for pills for bigger issues if the need arises.

Now, for the all the times a headache comes; I have a bruise or a pain; I drop something on my foot; I’m sick; I feel congested; tired but I need to be awake; can’t sleep; I have a bug bite; my skin is dry or inflamed; I need to relax; antsy; angry; depressed; restless or anxious; I’m sore; bloated; cramping; my muscles are tight; I'm emotionally drained; I need to clean my house; or I just want to smell the flowers…I use essential oils.

Plucked from nature, full of benefits to assist with the above and so much more, there is an oil for it! From the root to the flowers, there’s something extracted in essential oils that can help you heal, feel better and just feel good all over!

To find out how you can benefit from essential oils book a free 20 minute consultation with a Certified Aromatherapist.

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